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Global Air Quality Initiatives: IQAir's Impactful Partnerships and Advocacy Efforts

At the core of IQAir's mission lies a powerful belief: every local effort to enhance air quality can set off a chain reaction of benefits across the globe. It's a mission that drives us to forge transformative partnerships with air quality advocates worldwide, uniting in a common quest for cleaner air. 

Our partnerships span continents, bringing together a diverse coalition of stakeholders — from grassroots activists in bustling cities to innovators in quiet communities. These diverse collaborations enable us to extend our reach far beyond individual efforts. 

The 2023 IQAir World Air Quality Report: A Call to Broaden Global Air Quality Monitoring

The 2023 IQAir World Air Quality Report reveals a disparity in access to crucial air quality data, particularly in developing countries, where the scarcity of monitoring infrastructure leaves populations vulnerable to the unseen dangers of polluted air. 

Leveraging data from low-cost sensors alongside traditional air quality monitoring stations, the report not only highlights these severe disparities in air pollution exposure and data but also serves as a call to action for the international community to expand and enhance air quality monitoring networks.

ASIC California 2024 Announcement

It's time to once again mark your calendars for our bi-annual ASIC, California Conference! The Riverside Convention Center in Southern California will be the venue for the 2024 conference. After a successful hybrid conference with 400 in-person attendees and another 200 online this past May, we hope to surpass that with over 600 people in-person next year.


Tuesday, April 30th - Friday, May 3, 2024


Riverside Convention Center

3637 5th St, Riverside, CA 92501


Stay tuned for more updates!

Share the ASIC Ghana Conference

We now have some colorful graphics that our partners, team members, speakers and attendees can share on their social media pages to promote our first conference in Africa! The graphics can be shared in newsletters inside and outside of your organization. Our aim is to have people across the continent joining both in-person an virtually for this first ASIC Conference in Ghana. With no cost to registration, there's no reason people shouldn't participate!

Can we set performance targets for low cost sensors?

Presented byJohn Saffell, Alphasesne Ltd.

Summary: Air quality (AQ) networks and personal monitors using low cost sensors are generating results at a rapidly expanding rate. But can these results be accepted as valid measurements? We can rephrase this question: do air quality sensors and sensor systems meet their performance targets?

Air quality data analysis: life after r2

Presented byJohn Saffell, Alphasesne Ltd.

Summary: Air quality (AQ) is increasingly being measured using high density, low cost sensor networks, rather than low density, equivalent or transfer standard monitoring stations.  The next step for these AQ networks is improving sensor performance so that data analysis is more robust.   

Source characterisation and emission indices estimation using hyperlocal measurements from a low-cost sensor network - London Heathrow airport

Presented ByLekan Popoola, University of Cambridge

Description: Low cost sensors are becoming increasingly available for studying urban air quality. By making hyperlocal air quality measurements at high time resolution, this technique can be used in identifying pollution sources. When coupled with CO2 measurements, real world emission indices can be estimated. 

Public Institutions and Trust: Developing Community Data Assets

Presented ByAngela Eaton, Safecast

Summary: Safecast believes that people make better health and living decisions when individuals self-generate and publicly share environmental data. As a community-contributed data platform, Safecast emphasizes raw data, transparent collection, air quality standards that allow data sets to be used in combination, and free data access to provide the greatest relevance to communities and individuals. 

Web Tools for Sensor Data

Presented byGraeme Carvlin, Puget Sound Clean Air Agency

Summary: At the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency, one of our main goals is to characterize and communicate air quality with the active participation of the public. Lower cost air sensors are now a large part of that discussion and we are interested in communicating their benefits, drawbacks, and how to use them to get meaningful data.

World Air Quality Report 2022 finds only six countries met WHO guidelines for PM2.5

Following the 5th annual IQAir report, only Australia, Estonia, Finland, Grenada, Iceland, and New Zealand have met WHO's guideline for PM2.5. This is concerning as 126 other countries failed to meet this guideline, making one wonder what can be done to combat this.

Poor spread of air quality monitoring stations could suggest why information is not equally distributed. Despite there being 30,000 stations, 

Kitchen air pollution tackled in University of Surrey’s Global Centre for Clean Air Research

Recent studies have shown that the fumes from cooking meals causes poor indoor air quality, increasing associated health risks. However, the University of Surrey's Global Centre for Clean Air Research (GCARE) has come up some simple but effective solutions.

For example, opening a window, steaming rather than frying, and keeping those who aren’t actively cooking out of the kitchen can protect people from inhaling harmful toxins."

Air pollution hospitalises 200,000 in one week as fumes, emissions and smoke descend on Thailand

The air quality of Thailand's major cities has reached a point that more people are dying from air pollution than obesity or smoking. In fact, 

According to the WHO’s State of Global Air report, air pollution accounted for nearly 8% of all deaths (more than 41,000 cases) in Thailand in 2019, with PM2.5 ranked as the top risk for such deaths.

TD Enviro Data Analyst

The future of air quality is changing as new technology enables anyone to measure air pollution anywhere at any time. TD Environmental (TDEnviro) is at the forefront of using air quality data to make sense of the air we breathe. TDEnviro provides innovative air monitoring, data management, visualization, and analysis to government and non-profit organizations. TDEnviro is seeking a Data Analyst to support operating and developing software systems for an environmentally focused federal agency client. The agency's programs aim to preserve and improve air quality in the United States.

Upcoming Conferences

ASIC, Ghana

Air quality monitoring using smaller low cost sensors is continuously growing around the world. With support from the Clean Air Fund, the ASIC International Connection Hub Series has supported the connections of researchers and communities around the world. Bringing ASIC to Bangalore, India in August 2022 in partnership with CSTEP and the India Clean Air Summit was an wonderful opportunity that allowed us to build an in-person discussion between 100 researchers, regulators and community members about low cost sensor use within the country.

Applying Research Internationally

Reviewing ASIC, Pasadena Presentations

This Fall we are hosting a series of webinars that are focused on in-depth discussions of presentations offered at the 2022 ASIC, Pasadena event in May. We have invited the authors and lead speakers of the presentations to join us for a longer 45-minute question-and-answer session. Our aim is to highlight discussions that will aid in further developing upon the conversations hosted in Bangalore, India this past August.

Better Data for Cleaner Air – A New Paradigm in Air Quality Monitoring

For decades, air quality measurements have been synonymous with measuring PM2.5 and PM10, combined weight of particles of size 2.5 and 10 microns, driven by the US EPA and other governmental bodies around the world. While PM2.5 and PM10 do an adequate job of representing outdoor air quality, it paints a woefully incomplete picture when measuring indoor air quality.

Code of Conduct for Conference Activities

The Air Sensors International Conference is dedicated to providing a safe, friendly, productive, and welcoming environment for all participants. All who take part in community events, regardless of gender, gender identity and expression, age, sexual orientation, physical abilities and intellectual abilities, physical appearance, body size, race, ethnicity, or religion or beliefs, deserve an inclusive and harassment-free environment.

Highlighting Aeroqual's work with South Coast AQMD

At Aeroqual, we’re on a mission to protect people and the planet from poor-quality air. Having developed innovative air quality monitoring solutions for over twenty years, recently we’ve been developing advanced software tools that automate the management and maintenance of air quality sensor networks. These tools help air quality consultants, industrial and occupational hygienists, and more take the hassle out of air quality monitoring and analysis, freeing up more time to make the decisions that matter.

TD Enviro Air Quality Science Analyst

The future of air quality is expanding as new technology enables communities to measure air pollution anywhere at any time. TD Environmental Services (TD Enviro) is at the forefront of working with communities and government agencies to use air quality data to make sense of the air we breathe. TD Enviro provides innovative air monitoring; data management, visualization, and analysis; advisory consulting; and community and youth education support to a wide range of clients worldwide.

Air Pollution Specialist (APS) Opening at CARB

The Program Assessment Section has an opening for a motivated Air Pollution Specialist (APS) to join a friendly and dynamic team of scientists and engineers working to design and implement programs to help achieve California’s ambitious air quality, climate, and environmental justice goals. The Program Assessment Section develops air pollution mitigation strategies for the oil and gas and related sectors.

Lead Photochemical Modeler - TDEC

TDEC Environmental Consultant 2 - Lead Photochemical Modeler

The Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation Division of Air Pollution Control modeling team applies advanced air quality models to simulate the transport and fate of pollutants. The Division is seeking candidates that have experience performing high level, complex technical work and provide guidance to decision makers and be a part of the of a dynamic, collaborative work team.

Job Opportunity: Data Management Scientist

  Job Opportunity: Data Management Scientist TD Environmental Services - Air Quality Sensors, Analytics, & Insights

TD Environmental Services is seeking a full-time, remote employee for the open position of Data Management Scientist. This individual will work on a variety of air quality projects involving 1) analyzing air quality data and 2) designing next-generation systems to manage and visualize air quality data.

Technical Air Quality Fellow

Technical Air Quality Fellow Public Lab - St. James Parish community - Cancer Alley, Louisiana


(2) Permit Modeling Positions at Georgia DNR

Permit Modeling Positions Available at Georgia Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Georgia Department of Natural Resources - Environmental Protection Division - Air Protection Branch - Atlanta, GA

Description: This position is located in the Georgia Environmental Protection Division (EPD) – Air Protection Branch – Data and Modeling Unit (DMU).  The DMU performs dispersion modeling to better understand the impacts of facility emissions on ambient air quality.  Specifically, the DMU performs quarry modeling, toxic air pollutant modeling, and PSD modeling fo

JA&WMA: Use of low-cost air sensors to augment regulatory networks

Use of low-cost air sensors to augment regulatory networks Written by:

Ajith Kaduwela, Air Quality Research Center, University of California, Davis & Anthony Wexler, Air Quality Research Center, Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Land, Air and Water Resources, University of California, Davis


March 11, 2021

Air Pollution Specialist

Air Pollution Specialist California Air Resources Board

Job opportunity:  The Regional Air Quality Modeling Section at California Air Resources Board (CARB) is seeking a highly motivated candidate to fill a position of Air Pollution Specialist. The successful candidate will join a dynamic team to provide air quality modeling support for the development of State Implementation Plans, as well as other regulatory and scientific activities at CARB.

2021 Virtual Sessions In Development!

We are excited to share that our Technical Program Committee is once again hard at work developing sessions for your tutelage in air quality sensors and their environmental effects. While we are still developing the content and contacting presenters, we are excited to share the topics for this 2021 series: 

What's holding you back?

We want to hear from YOU!

ASIC Virtual Fall Session presentations are now available to review on demand. We will be playing them live during the session on Thursday from 8am - 11am PT with a live Q&A discussion hosted right afterwards. Take a look at the topics and let us know...

Watch the Q&A of Session 3 on demand & get excited for the Virtual Fall Series

Our final session of the Virtual Summer Series has concluded and is now available for you to watch and share with your colleagues. Our six speakers gave presentations on the topics below. 

Source characterisation and emission indices estimation using hyperlocal measurements from a low-cost sensor network - London Heathrow airport - Lekan Popoola, University of Cambridge

Virtual Summer Session 1 Now Available for Pre-Watch

For our many colleagues and partners with meeting conflicts, in different time zones or just unable to break away from family, don't worry - we're working to keep you involved! You can now pre-watch the Session 1 presentations and pose a question to the speakers before Thursday to possibly be answered live!

Our moderators will chose one question for each presenter from the questions asked before 10 AM PT on Wednesday to ask live. Additional questions will be collected for the speakers to offer written answers to after the Virtual Session has concluded.

Building a Community Air Monitoring Network Training Available On Demand!

Tracking California has provided an overview of how to develop a community air monitoring network. They partnered with Comite Civico del Valle to demonstrate the process of establishing a network that provides real-time information on PM levels within their own Imperial County. The presentation highlighted a parallel process to the 14 elements laid out by the California Air Resources Board’s (CARB) community air monitoring plan and additional considerations from Tracking California's "Guidebook for Developing a Community Air Monitoring Network."

New EPA Educational Videos on Air Sensors

 New EPA Educational Videos on Air Sensors

The US EPA has released educational videos surrounding air quality sensors and various topics surrounding the EPA's use of air quality sensors. 

The EPA has released three videos on Regulatory Data and Sensor Data Quality, Measurements and Your Health, and Sources of Air Quality Information. These videos include information on how the EPA collects and analyzes this data while explaining how air quality risks are communicated and how to understand air quality data.

POSTPONED: ASIC 2021 Announced

UPDATE: The next Air Sensors International Conference has been postponed to May 11-13, 2022 in Pasadena, California!

We are excited to share that ASIC will be hosted in Pasadena, California again from April 27-30, 2021!  

US EPA K-12 Lesson Plans

US EPA K-12 Lesson Plans

The United States Environmental Protection Agency has assembled a variety of air quality related teaching tools and lesson plans designed for various age groups ranging from Kindergarten to 12th grade. 

Have some fun teaching your students about important air quality related topics with hands-on activities, websites, and activity books. 

Air Pollution and SARS Mortality

How Air Pollution May Affect SARS Mortality

Reviewing publicly available data, researchers assessed SARS morbidity and mortality in relation to air pollution through air pollution index (API). Through this data, researchers analyzed the relationship between air quality and SARS mortality rate. 

Ecologic analysis conducted among 5 regions with 100 or more SARS cases showed that case fatality rate increased with the increment of API (case fatality = - 0.063 + 0.001 * API).

How Long-term Exposure to Air Pollution Increases Risk of Dementia

Long-term Exposure to Air Pollution Increases Risk of Dementia

Recently published research in the journal JAMA of Neurology has found that long-term exposure to air pollution results in an increased risk of dementia. 

Following 364 individuals for 11 years, aged 74 and older, living in central Stockholm Sweden, the research suggests that dementia may become a major issue as more of the population moves to highly polluted areas,

ASIC Virtual Series coming to your livingroom!

While COVID-19 has everyone all over the world staying home to shelter in place, quarantine and avoid possibly contracting the virus or spreading the virus, the air quality has been improving with people driving less and some factories shutting down. However, with loosening regulations at the US EPA and around the world due to the stay at home orders, the ASIC Technical Program Committee wants to make sure people can still monitor the air quality in their region armed with the most up to date information and knowledge from our ASIC presenters. 

SCAQMD Public Meeting Consultation

April 8, 2019: SCAQMD Public Consultation Meeting

The South Coast Air Quality Management District is conducting a public consultation meeting regarding the impacts of the Reasonably Available Control Technology (RACT) Demonstration for the 2015 8-hour Ozone National Ambient Air Quality Standards.

Newly Updated EPA Air Sensor Toolbox

Newly Updated Air Sensor Toolbox

The newly updated Air Sensor Toolbox allows for easier navigation and more information regarding the EPA’s efforts regarding developing air sensors for measuring local air quality. This toolbox publishes the latest information regarding air sensors, specifically performance, operation, and use.

Using this toolbox, you can:

Modeler (Air Permit Modeling)

Modeler (Air Permit Modeling) Air Protection Branch, Georgia Environmental Protection Division

Description: The Data and Modeling Unit (DMU) performs dispersion modeling to better understand the impacts of facility emissions on ambient air quality. Specifically, the DMU performs quarry modeling, toxic air pollutant modeling, and PSD modeling for issuance of air permits. In addition, DMU perform dispersion modeling for special projects.

ASIC 2020 Postponed

A Note from the Conference Coordinator:

After very careful consideration amid the COVID-19 outbreak, we have decided to postpone the 2020 Air Sensors International Conference.

Air Quality / Environmental Specialist

Air Quality / Environmental Specialist TD Environmental Services, LLC

Description: The future of air quality is changing as new technology enables anyone to measure air pollution anywhere at any time. TD Environmental (TDE) helps clients use new, low-cost air quality monitors to make sense of the air we breathe. TDE provides strategic consulting; innovative air monitoring; training and capacity building; data management, visualization, and analysis; and school education programs.

Emissions Modeler

Emissions Modeler Sonoma Technology, Data Science

Description: Sonoma Technology is seeking an Emissions Modeler to assist with environmental modeling work, with a focus on emissions modeling and inventory development, air quality modeling, and data analysis.

For more information, visit

Recruitment Period: January 1, 2020 - May 30, 2020

Requisition Number: EM

Air Quality Modeler

Air Quality Modeler Sonoma Technology, Data Science

Description: Sonoma Technology is seeking an Air Quality Modeler to join our Atmospheric and Emissions Modeling Group in Petaluma, California. The successful candidate will assist with emissions and air quality modeling assessments and environmental data analysis projects, and support continued growth in our modeling, emissions, and transportation business areas.

Screen reader support enabled.

Recruitment Period: January 1, 2020 - May 30, 2020

Air Quality Data Scientist

Air Quality Data Scientist Sonoma Technology, Data Science

Description: Sonoma Technology is seeking an Air Quality Data Scientist to join our Data Science Department in Petaluma, California. The successful candidate will work on projects involving ambient, satellite, modeling, and/or emissions data to better understand local and regional air pollution levels and sources. We are looking for candidates who have experience in ambient air quality data and/or air quality emissions and modeling.

For more information, visit

Senior Scientist / Litigation Support

Senior Scientist / Litigation Support Sonoma Technology

Description: Sonoma Technology is seeking a senior scientist to join our growing practice in litigation support. Our legal and litigation support team is currently working on an array of projects involving cutting-edge topics and high-profile issues. This is a unique opportunity to join a highly respected firm, work with federal prosecutors and leading law firms, and help industry clients develop innovative environmental solutions.

Assistant/Associate/Full Professor for Environmental Health Sciences

Assistant/Associate/Full Professor for Environmental Health Sciences University of California, Los Angeles Description:

The Department of Environmental Health Sciences in the UCLA Fielding School of Public Health seeks to fill an open-rank tenure track position (i.e., Assistant, Associate or Full Professor). Candidates should be exposure scientists with expertise in advanced sensing methods and in a focused research program relevant to modern exposure assessment in environmental or occupational health.