Accra Accommodations

ASIC Hotel Partners

The below rates may no longer be available at the hotels. Please reach out to the hotels directly to determine current rates.

NOTE: The prices below are not always the cheapest options. Please check places like priceline and other booking services for reservation options as well. The Accra City Hotel is the closest hotel to the venue within walking distance. 

Central Hotel

5 Julius Nyerere Road, Ridge
Cost per night: $100 (plus taxes)

Crystal Palm Hotels (FULLY BOOKED)

JQ38+6M6, Tenth St, Accra
Cost per night: $80 (plus taxes) 

Accra City Hotel

Barnes Road, Accra
Cost per night: $200 (plus taxes)

La Villa Boutique Hotel

No. F856/1 Nii Saban Atsἐn Road, 13th Lane, Osu Ringway, Accra
Cost per night: $175 (plus taxes)