Environmental & Air Quality Journalist Training

Learn about the health effects and environmental impacts of air pollution

The ASIC Ghana Conference is excited to share our first ever, Environmental & Air Quality Journalist Training. This will be a targeted training for journalists within and around Accra, Ghana on the current status of air quality and air quality sensing in the region. This training will briefly review health effects of air pollution, the environmental impacts of poor air quality, how to understand air quality data and the best methods to advocate for changes in air quality monitoring. Panelists include Ms. Garima Raheja from Columbia University, USA who has worked with journalists in the US on communicating science, Ms. Victoria Osusu, former meteorologist and current scientist at the Clean Air Fund who is knowledgeable about the air quality landscape in Accra and throughout Ghana, and Mr. Emmanuel Appoh, former Director of Air Quality at the EPA Ghana. The training will be moderated by Dr. Daniel Westervelt, a research professor at Columbia University who has been featured on both US and Ghanaian media outlets. 


Air Quality Policy in Ghana, Regulations and Afri-SET
  • Presented by: Emmanuel K-E Appoh, Managing Consultant and Assistant Facility Manager, Ghana EPA
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Air Quality Journalist Training

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Date: Thursday, October 19th
Time: 8:30 a.m. - 9:45 a.m.
Location: Accra Metropolitan Assembly Building (In-Person Attendees Only)

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Conference Manager, Sandra Hemingway: sehemi@ucdavis.edu
Training Organizer, Kevin Brosnahan: BrosnahanKJ@state.gov