Ghana Program Schedule

Below is the official schedule for the ASIC Ghana conference. The conference is being held at the Accra Metropolitan Assembly Building (Google Location Link). The building will open to presenters at 7:00 AM each day. Review this City of Accra Guide

Virtual participants will join each session via the zoom link provided. Participants will need to complete the registration on the Zoom link first, then upon submission, they will receive a link to join the virtual presentation. Session recordings will be shared in November. 

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All times are in Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

Tuesday, October 17th

9:15 AM            

Tour of Afri-SET (Sensor Evaluation Testing) Center at University of Ghana


11:00 AM         

Registration Opens


12:30 PM            

Opening Welcome

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1:00 PM            

Sensor Evaluation & Analysis: Best Approaches to Evaluate Sensors

Session Chairs: R. Subramanian, CSTEP, Mike Giordano, AfriqAir

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2:45 PM            



3:15 PM            

Community Based Participation in Using LCS

Session Chair: Kofi Amegah, University of Cape Coast

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4:15 PM            



4:25 PM            

Making Sense of Sensor Data

Session Chairs: Dan Westervelt, University of Columbia, Collins Gameli Hodoli, University of Environment and Sustainable Development

CHANGE OF ZOOM: Please use this new link for this session


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5:40 PM            

Exhibitor Presentations
(Included in above livestream)

6:10 PM           

Welcome Reception & Discussion with Exhibitors


7:15 PM            

End of Reception


Wednesday, October 18th

7:30 AM            

Doors Open  

8:30 AM            

Keynote: Why should we care what the data says?
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9:30 AM            

10:00 AM            
Data Collection, Analysis & Interpretation

Session Chairs: Victoria Owusu Tawiah, Clean Air Fund, Garima Raheja, University of Columbia

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11:30 AM            


11:40 AM            

Poster Presentations & Review Session
In-Person Only

1:10 PM            

Lunch (catered)  
2:10 PM            
Adapting LCS for Smart AQ Monitoring in African Cities

Session Chairs: Deo Okure, AirQo, Engineer Bainomugisha, AirQo, IQ Mead, Imperial College London

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3:40 PM            


4:00 PM

4:30 PM                        

Keynote: Shaping the Future of Data Accessibility and Transparency for Action

Organizers: Vasu Kilaru, US EPA, Pallavi Pant, HEI, Deo Okure, AirQo, IQ Mead, Imperial College London

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6:00 PM            

End of Day  

Thursday, October 19th

7:30 AM            

Doors Open  
8:30 AM            
Data Utility & Action for AQ Management

Session Chairs: Victor Indasi, C40, Emmanuel Appoh, Consultant, Dr. Rose Alani, University of Lagos

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8:30 AM 
Journalist Training

More information here

In-Person Only

9:45 AM            


10:05 AM

9:55 AM            

Policy Management

Session Chairs: Rebecca Garland, University of Pretoria & ANGA, Victor Indasi, C40, Victor Nthusi, HEI

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11:10 AM            

11:30 AM            
Utilizing Various Communication Strategies to Increase Public Engagement on Air Pollution

Session Chairs: Robert Mbiake, University of Douala & ANGA, Pallavi Pant, HEI

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12:45 PM            

Lunch (catered)  
1:45 PM            
Mobilizing Resources to Support Air Quality Monitoring Research

Session Chairs: R. Subramanian, CSTEP, Allison Hughes, University of Ghana

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3:45 PM            

Conference Conclusion  

4:00 PM            

End of Day