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Important Dates

Keep tabs on the important dates for conference preparations. You don't wan to miss out on a great opportunity!

Benefits of participation

ASIC will be a great opportunity visit with international attendees that are specifically interested in small Air Quality Sensors and the related work done. There are many reasons to attend this conference, but in case you need a proposal for your Directors, here are some of the great benefits:

  • Learn about the latest air quality sensor hardware that you can use within your community or work place.
  • Discuss techniques for reviewing data resulting from air quality sensors
  • Find the best way to influence your local government to implement air quality regulations 
  • Hear how community members have engaged their communities to take an active part in tracking and improving the local air quality
  • Travel through the exhibit hall seeing the many options for air quality sensors and air quality data management to find what would best serve you and your local needs
  • Share the ways you have created a change within your community, organization or government with other attendees to inspire their actions
  • Network with executives and community members alike to discover opportunities for you to contribute your knowledge. 
  • Discover countries around the world that have implemented successful air quality improvement campaigns

ASIC will bring together people from all over the globe to discuss how the Air Quality Sensor field will help us shape our future. Know that there will be...

+ 21 Countries Involved

+ 19 Program Sessions

+ 100 Topic Presenters

+ 50 Exhibitors

+ 1000 Attendees

Riverside, California is the place to be...

With a local community that is dedicated to improving their air quality and welcomes new ideas and opportunities, Riverside, California is the perfect host city. As California takes a lead on improving our world's environment, Riverside is proud to take part and host the third International Air Sensors Conference for the Air Quality Research Center of the University of California, Davis. 

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