VFS Session 1

Virtual Fall Series Session 1 Available for preview!

We are delighted to continue educating communities and supporting the dissemination of the latest research in air quality sensors. 

For those that cannot join us live on Thursday, October 1st, we welcome you to preview the presentations for our 1st Virtual Fall Session and submit your questions through a Disqus Comment at the bottom of each page. Our moderators will chose one question for each presenter from the questions asked before 10 AM PT on Wednesday to ask live. Additional questions will be collected for the speakers to offer written answers to after the Virtual Session has concluded.

Remember - if you're able to join us live at 8 AM PT on Thursday, we will be playing each presentation live and then having a live discussion with the speakers using questions that are sent via the session chat. If you haven't signed up to participate in the live presentation, you still can do so below!

Pre-watch or Register for Session 3

In case you missed the Virtual Summer Series, all four sessions and two trainings are available on-demand for your viewing convenience.