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Global Air Quality Initiatives: IQAir's Impactful Partnerships and Advocacy Efforts

At the core of IQAir's mission lies a powerful belief: every local effort to enhance air quality can set off a chain reaction of benefits across the globe. It's a mission that drives us to forge transformative partnerships with air quality advocates worldwide, uniting in a common quest for cleaner air. 

Our partnerships span continents, bringing together a diverse coalition of stakeholders — from grassroots activists in bustling cities to innovators in quiet communities. These diverse collaborations enable us to extend our reach far beyond individual efforts. 

The 2023 IQAir World Air Quality Report: A Call to Broaden Global Air Quality Monitoring

The 2023 IQAir World Air Quality Report reveals a disparity in access to crucial air quality data, particularly in developing countries, where the scarcity of monitoring infrastructure leaves populations vulnerable to the unseen dangers of polluted air. 

Leveraging data from low-cost sensors alongside traditional air quality monitoring stations, the report not only highlights these severe disparities in air pollution exposure and data but also serves as a call to action for the international community to expand and enhance air quality monitoring networks.