ASIC Virtual Series

ASIC Virtual Series coming to your livingroom!

While COVID-19 has everyone all over the world staying home to shelter in place, quarantine and avoid possibly contracting the virus or spreading the virus, the air quality has been improving with people driving less and some factories shutting down. However, with loosening regulations at the US EPA and around the world due to the stay at home orders, the ASIC Technical Program Committee wants to make sure people can still monitor the air quality in their region armed with the most up to date information and knowledge from our ASIC presenters. 

ASIC will be running 3 webinars over the summer to impart this knowledge upon you as regulators, industry members and community scientists. We are taking presentations from the 2020 ASIC Schedule to present in your own livingroom or private office space (while keeping socially distant) during May, June and July. 

As the schedule is developed, it will be shared for you to review and pose questions to our virtual speakers. 

We look forward to continuing to further the development and use of small air quality sensors with you!

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