Air pollution hospitalises 200,000 in one week as fumes, emissions and smoke descend on Thailand

The air quality of Thailand's major cities has reached a point that more people are dying from air pollution than obesity or smoking. In fact, 

According to the WHO’s State of Global Air report, air pollution accounted for nearly 8% of all deaths (more than 41,000 cases) in Thailand in 2019, with PM2.5 ranked as the top risk for such deaths.

Those who are pregnant, elderly, and young children are being advised to stay indoors, while others who still are venturing outside are being advised to wear N-95 masks for their safety. The causes for this year's particularly dangerous air quality are

Vehicle fumes, industrial emissions and smoke from burning crop stubble [which] have combined to cover two of Thailand’s largest cities, Bangkok and Chiang Mai, with a blanket of yellow/grey fog",

leading to 200,000 people becoming hospitalized in a week. Read the article below to learn more about the record-breaking air quality in Thailand.

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