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ASIC 22 Details with Splash in-person note
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Swimming in Data:The Current and future state of data management platforms
Advanced measurement approaches for fenceline and fugitive monitoring applications
Best practices from Breathe London

*More Coming Soon!*

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ASIC 2022 Schedule Wednesday
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Highlighting Poster Presenters (sent 3/3/2022)

Schedule Announcement (sent 2/24/2022)

Announcing Plenary Topics (sent 2/18/2022)

Preliminary Presentation List (sent 2/10/2022)

Last Day for Early Bird Registration (sent 1/31/2022)

Sponsor Highlights and General Reminders (Sent 1/27/2022)

Registration Reminder (Sent 1/19/2022)

Health & Safety Guidelines Update (Sent 12/17/2022)