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NIEHS Post-doctoral Fellow Openings

Synergistic Effects of Stress and Traffic-Related Air Pollution on Cardiovascular Health

Dr. Jane Clougherty at Drexel University, Dr. Chao-Yin Chen at UC Davis, and Dr. Anthony Wexler at UC Davis are seeking two post-doctoral fellows to work on a newly-funded project to investigate the synergistic effects of social stress and traffic-related air pollution on cardiovascular health in a rat model. Exposures will take place at the Caldecott tunnel near Oakland, California, about a 1.5-hour drive from Davis. The exposure facility is built and currently being used for a number of rodent-based health effects studies; UC Davis staff manage the tunnel exposure facility. Responsibilities of the post-doctoral fellows include

1) Surgical implantation of a BP/ECG telemetry device;

2) Working with exposure staff to schedule and arrange the exposure and telemetry recordings;

3) Implementing stress protocols;

4) Obtaining and analyzing blood/tissue samples;

5) Data analysis and manuscript preparation and submittal.

We are seeking two post-doctoral fellows with complementary skills so that all of these responsibilities are covered. Start date is negotiable but preferably in 2023. Please send inquiries to Dr. Anthony Wexler (