Sponsorship Fulfillment Information

Sponsorship Fulfillment Information

All Bronze Level and above sponsors receive the basic benefits below. 

Live-Stream Advertisement

This 3 minute video will be an opportunity for you to give an overview of your organization and exhibit information to all our virtual attendees. These videos will be shown during the breaks between each conference session. 

  • Your video can include PowerPoints, videography of yourself, your organization or your work, images of yourself or your work and any audio. 
  • You video can be no longer than 3 minutes 0 seconds - if your video is any longer, we will return it to you. 
  • Your video should include a contact name, organization, email or phone number (We suggest having this as an overlay that stays at the bottom of the video for the full duration)
  • Videos must be in .mp4 format
  • Videos must be titled "LSA_Organization Name"
  • Videos can be emailed to our UC Davis File Storage Box Account. (Note - the address looks funky but it is correct and will directly deposit your video into our Box Storage Account.)
  • If you upload a video, make changes, and re-upload the improved video to the Box Account, the system will delete your original video and keep the newest version. 

This must be completed by April 27th. Any videos or edits added after April 27th will not be included. 


Full Conference Registrations: (1) complimentary full conference registrations. These will allow access to all symposium gatherings, presentations and the exhibit hall. People may register on our website with the code BronzeFullAttendee for zero cost.

Exhibit Only Registration: (5) complimentary registrations to the exhibit space. These will allow you to have an additional attendee at the exhibit booth for the full duration of the conference. Additionally, you can use these passes for prospective clients you want to have visit and connect with. Users of this pass will not be able to attend presentations, keynotes, or side meetings. People may register on our website with the code BronzeExhibitOnly for zero cost.

Exhibit Booth

Booth Space: This is (1) 10ft by 10ft booth that will have (1) 8ft table, two chairs, a wastebasket and a sign. There will be fabric walls separating booths. Conference Manager, Sandra Hall, will reach out to you to help you determine your booth location. You are reservation #23.

      Exhibit Move In: Tuesday, May 12, 2-5 PM

      Exhibit Move Out: Friday, May 15, 1-3 PM

Mobile App Game Clue: (1) game clue. Our conference phone app will have a gamification portion. Participants can earn points by completing tasks. You can provide (1) game clue that can entice people to visit your booth. Once they visit your booth you will provide them with an answer code to enter into the game app for points. Participants will receive 10 points for this clue. Clues are due April 15, 2020.

Additional "Plus" Benefits

Increase the recognition of your organization by increasing your sponsorship and adding on one of the following benefits: Direct Email to AttendeesLive-Stream Sponsor, E-Newsletter Profile, Extended Website Profile, Exhibit Floor Decal, Registration Bag Insert, Sensor Raffle

Contact Sandra Hall, Conference Manager, with questions