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In an effort to connect air sensor groups and scientists further in the virtual atmosphere, we are re-launching the ASIC Slack Channel for all who are looking to air quality sensors as a tool and solution to air quality issues.

This slack group will host channels for conference updates, connecting with other people working on air quality sensor projects, discussing the latest webinar topics and share additional educational opportunities or meetings related to air quality sensors.

If you have questions or thoughts you would like to propose to the group, please feel free to do so, but follow up any personal opinions with facts, figures and research. I’m hoping this will enhance collaboration among group members and facilitate the organization and dissemination of air quality sensor related information!

If you are unfamiliar with how to use slack, I recommend you watch these YouTube’s on how to use slack:  

Basic Slack Training --- In-Depth Slack Training

Now that you have been trained on Slack communications…

You can join our slack group here

Please reach out with any questions, comments or suggestions for the development of this discussion board to Conference Manager, Sandra Hall (