Minute Madness Presentations

Below are our Minute Madness Presentations:

First Last Organization Abstract/ Presentation Title
James Sievwright Environment and Climate Change Canada Small Air Quality Sensor Applications to Improve Community Engagement in Western Canada
Maurizio  Barbiere Joint Research Centre Performance evaluation of low-cost sensors for the benzene and other Volatile Organic Compound in ambient air within the Key VOCs project.
Jonathan Callahan Mazama Science A PM2.5 Swiss Army Knife for R
Edmund Seto University of Washington Quality Control for Networks of Low-Cost Air Pollution Sensors
Shea Caspersen US EPA, Region 9 Application of Visualization tools for Air Sensor Data Collected in Southern California
Yael Etzion Atmosfir Optics Remote sensing data analytics accommodating multi-source characterization in a complex petrochemical/chemical industrial area
Gilad Shpitzer Atmosfir Optics Remote sensing data analytics accommodating petrochemical/chemical industrial fence-line monitoring challenges
Steven Chillrud Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University Serial dilution of inverted flame source as calibration approach for black carbon monitors
Ying Zhou National Center for Environmental Health (NCEH), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Review of real-time air pollution data in United States and their potential applications in environmental health tracking at CDC
Wen-Whai Li University fo Texas at El Paso Associations of respiratory responses with traffic air pollution for asthmatic children attending a roadside school
Elizabeth Noth University of California, Berkeley Overcoming Environmental Variability
Justin Patts NIOSH Advancing Direct Reading and Sensor Technologies for Occupational Safety and Health: The NIOSH right sensors used right initiative for safety, health, well-being, and productivity
Monika Vadali MN Pollution control agency A cost effective ambient air quality monitoring system for evaluation urban air quality
Parikshit  deshmukh Jacobs Technology  Design and Evaluation of Fixed and Mobile Sensor-based systems for collection of local Air Quality Data 
Damian Bikiel UBA-FCEyN / INQUIMAE-CONICET Testing low-cost sensors by means of passive samplers
Charles Pearson California Air Resources Board/Incident Air Monitoring Evaluation and Use of Sensors for Monitoring Smoke Impacts of Wildfires and Prescribed Burns
Xiaohui Qiao Tsinghua University Low-cost sensor network to improve air quality management capability: a case study in Jining, China
Aileen Nowlan Environmental Defense Fund Air Pollution Hyperlocal Mapping Using Fleet Vehicles
Brian LaFranchi Aclima Inc. Methodology development for routine evaluation of atmospheric data quality aboard a mobile platform
Matthew  Adams University of Toronto Mississauga Siting Monitors for use in Land Use Regression Modelling
Stefan Gillott king's College London Characterisation and Enhancement of low-cost aerosol sensors for use in air pollution monitoring in diverse environments.
Stavros Amanatidis California Institute of Technology Miniaturizing particle sizing instruments for planned atmospheric studies: The Caltech-ADI Scanning Electrical Mobility Spectrometer
Anna Mebust EPA Region 9 Performance testing of next-generation air sensors during wildfires
John  Watson Desert Research Institute Microsensor Smoke Detection for Spacecraft Fire Safety
Brian Magi University of North Carolina at Charlotte Comparison and evaluation of PM2.5 measured in an urban setting using a low-cost optical particle counter and a Federal Equivalent Method Beta Attenuation Monitor
Gedi Mainelis Rutgers University Comparison of Three Consumer-Grade Air Quality Monitors Using Different Particles
Tarun Gupta Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur An Off-Centric Impactor to Reduce Particle Bounce Off: Its Design and Development
Ryan Thompson Mountain Air Engineering Portable Dilution Sampling Equipment for Climate-Relevant Emission Source Characterization
David Broday Technion Identifying the impact of a stone quarry on exposure to respirable particles
Christopher Wallis UC Davis Air Quality Research Center Robust and Low Cost Drag Sphere Anemometer
Anubha Goel indian institute of technology kanpur, india Particle-bound Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PPAHs) as indicators of Toxicity potential of particles
Steven Brown Sonoma Technology Inc Variations in Wintertime PM Among Communities in Sacramento Measured with a Combination of Traditional and Low-Cost Sensor Methods
Kenneth Davidson US EPA Using Air Sensors to Build Capacity to Measure Air Pollution Mitigation Strategies at Schools: A Case Study at Brookfield Elementary School, Oakland, CA
L.-W. Antony Chen University of Nevada, Las Vegas - Department of Environmental and Occupational Health Undergraduate education using wearable sensors to train citizen scientists and increase air quality awareness
Walter Ham CA Air Resources Board Linking Low-Cost Particle Sensor Measurements to Regulatory Monitoring 

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