Poster Presentation Information

Thank you for joining the 2nd Air Sensors International Conference as a Poster Presenter. Poster Presentations are a great way to share key information in a digestible format. Using graphs, graphics and data, you can share a your work's progress and outcomes. Attendees can take their time in reviewing your poster information and forming follow up questions.  Poster Presenters can then answer these follow up questions through personal interactions during the Welcome Reception and Poster Review.

Poster Display Specifications

Poster Displays will be on large poster boards in the exhibit hall. They will be left up for the full duration of the conference. They can be hung up Tuesday evening from 4PM-6PM or Wednesday morning from 7AM-8AM. They can be removed Friday 7AM-5PM. If posters are hanging after 5PM Friday, they will be removed by staff and recycled (please do not make staff do this). 

  • Must be no larger than 46 inches tall & 46 inches wide 
  • Must be information original to your project
  • Should include your contact information
  • Should include your poster number in the top RIGHT corner (Official Poster Numbers to come)

Rapid Fire Poster Presentations

A few Poster Presentations will be selected for 1-minute 1-slide Oral Presentations in the Rapid Fire Presentation session Wednesday afternoon. These Posters will be selected in mid-March. 

  • Rapid Fire Presentations will be Wednesday afternoon from 4:30 PM - 5:15 PM
  • Must be 1-slide only
  • Must include Name, Organization and Official Poster Number

Poster 2-Minute Madness Video

This 2-Minute Madness video will be an opportunity for you to give a 2 minute overview of your poster information to all our virtual attendees. These videos will be shown during the breaks between each conference session. 

  • Your video can include PowerPoints, videography of yourself or your work, images of yourself or your work and any audio. 
  • You video can be no longer than 2 minutes 0 seconds - if your video is any longer, we will return it to you. 
  • Your video should include your name, organization, poster title and Official Poster Number (We suggest having this as an overlay that stays at the bottom of the video for the full duration)
  • Videos must be in .mp4 format
  • Videos must be titled "FirstName_LastName_PosterNumber"
  • Videos can be emailed to our UC Davis File Storage Box Account. (Note - the address looks funky but it is correct and will directly deposit your video into our Box Storage Account.)

    Mobile App

    Poster Presenters will be able to share their biography on the mobile app for all attendees. Their poster abstract and title will also be listed on the mobile app. There will be the opportunity for poster presenters to upload documents to their poster information on the mobile app. More information will be available in mid-March.