Sponsorship of ASIC is vital to ensuring the cost of the event is kept low, enabling all participants to attend. Our community scientists, government employees, university researchers, and educators can gain great value from our participating in this conference but are only able to do so with a small budget. Organization sponsors will be seen as valuable contributors towards the improvement of our air quality.

Sponsors have the opportunity to engage ASIC attendees by front of the line placement. As attendees move throughout the conference sessions, exhibits, meals and social engagements your company can be placed in their vision path creating brand awareness and delivering attendees to your representatives.

Exhibitors are Sponsors!

The ASIC Exhibit area is a prime location to show what your technology is capable of. Featuring the largest national exhibition for the Air Quality industry, plus technical sessions and workshops, the synergy will make ASIC the leading international gathering for professionals. Participants will see your organization as a leader in the industry as they review what you are offering. Position yourself as a knowledgeable asset in the industry through an exhibit that will reach over 1000 people and  21 countries. 

Participating exhibitors will establish new US and international connections, present products directly to industry leaders and policy makers, and stay on top of the latest advances in the science. Exhibit spaces will be given out at a first-come, first-serve basis.

Sponsorship applications and submissions will be available with event registration on April 2 through the registration website. You can also contact Conference Manager, Sandra Hall, for more information and to add your company to our initial official list to reserve your booth spot!

 Basic Sponsor Exhibitor