DIY Air Quality Sensor Webinar Sponsorship

While our primary virtual webinar series has completed, we welcome organizations who wish to develop a webinar on a specific topic as part of a sponsorship package. We are hosting our first DIY Air Quality Sensor Webinar on October 4th with 2B Technologies as seen here with over 400 people registered two weeks prior to the webinar. 

During the Virtual Summer, Fall and Spring Series sessions hosted over the past year, we had 250-500 participants each during the live sessions. In addition to that there were an additional 100+ viewers of the on demand recording hosted on our website within 2 weeks. On top of these viewers, the email marketing of each session went out to a campaign list of over 5,000 emails with a +20% open rate and +30% click through rate. The first of our virtual sponsors sent an email directly to our attendee list that resulted in a 47% open rate and a 30% click rate of the 857 participants.

Your organization can capitalize on this ready-made audience thirsty for new knowledge and be the sole sponsor of a DIY Air Quality Sensor Webinar of your own making, marketed to our audience on an ASIC topic. Review the sponsorship information included to understand the impact your participation will hold. Contact Rhanee Palma, Conference Manager, at or AQRC Events Staff at for more information .

DIY Air Quality Sensor Training ($5,000)

  • 30 minutes solely for your organization with a captive Air Quality Sensor audience.
  • Design your own Air Quality Sensor training for our audience! Confer with conference manager on best practices in developing a virtual training that will bring your organization right to people’s home office. Must be based around a 2020 topic – confer with Rhanee for details.
  • AQRC/ASIC team will host and market the training to our air quality sensor audience through email and social media.
  • Organization’s profile on website with session content
  • Organization’s profile on email with session content (opened by 1,100+)
  • (+$1,000) - Direct email to registrants crafted by your marketing team, sent through AQRC email service Constant Contact.