Current Speakers

Our Program Committees and Session Chairs have been in discussions with various universities, government organizations, community groups and industry members about creating sessions that can be the most beneficial to our attendees. Below is the preliminary list of ASIC Speakers that will be sharing their experiences, research and knowledge with you. We will be continuing to recruit people and organizations to offer podium presentations as well as poster presentations at the conference. 

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Are you interested in adding your work to our program? Consider submitting an abstract for review. You can host a Podium Presentation in one of our sessions or provide a Poster Presentation to describe your work.

Abstracts are now open here


Topic First Name Last Name Organization
Citizen and Community Science Anna Scott University of Maryland; Atmospheric & Ocean Science
Citizen and Community Science Jennifer Gabrys Citizen Sense 
Citizen and Community Science Margaret  Gordon West Oakland Environemental Indicators Project
Citizen and Community Science Sacoby Wilson University of Maryland
Data Analytics Brandon Feenstra SCAQMD
Data Analytics Kyle Messier Environmental Science, University of Texas at Austin
Data Analytics R. Subramanian CMU
Data Assimilation Karin Tuxen-Bettman Google
Data Assimilation Michael Heimbinder HabitatMap
Data Assimilation Theo Damoulas University of Warwick, UK
Data Assimilation Tim Dye TD Enviro
Data Communication Anne Marie Flores CARB
Data Communication Jason Low SCAQMD
Data Communication Susan Stone EPA
Data Sharing and Harmonization Janet Fredericks NSF
Data Sharing and Harmonization Mario Tamburri Alliance for Coasta Technologies
Emerging Technologies Bryan Duncan NASA
Emerging Technologies Suresh Dhaniyala Clarkson University
Emerging Technologies Zhi Ning City University of Hong Kong
Exposure and Health Edmund Seto University of Washington, Environmental & Occupational Health Sciences
Exposure and Health John Balmes UC Berkeley
Field Experience Benjamin Barratt Kings College
Field Experience Karen Canales Little Village Environmental Justice Organization
Field Experience Tiffany Werner Environmental Law & Policy Center
Gas and Vapor sensing Amanda Billingsley AQMesh
Gas and Vapor sensing Geoff Henshaw Aeroqual
Gas and Vapor sensing Georgia Miskell University of Auckland
Gas and Vapor sensing Michael Hannigan University of Colorado, Environmental Engineering
Gas and Vapor sensing Prashnat Kumar University of Surrey
Gas and Vapor sensing Ron Williams EPA
Monitor Siting Alena Bartoňová Citi-Sense / Citizens Observatories, Europe
Monitor Siting Janice Lam Snyder Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality District
Monitor Siting Kun-Hsing Liu Taiwan EPA
Particle Sensing Eben Cross Aerodyne
Particle Sensing Lara Gundel LBNL
Particle Sensing Pratim Biswas Washington University of St. Louis Missouri
Particle Sensing Sreenath Avula TSI
Particle Sensing Suresh Dhaniyala Clarkson
Particle Sensing Vassileios Papapostolou SCAQMD
Particle Sensing R. Vijaykumar Aerfil
Particle Sensing Kyle Alberti Aeroqual/Univ. Auckland, New Zealand
PLENARY: AB 617 Veronica Eady CARB
Regulations and Performance Standards Andrea Polidori Southcoast
Regulations and Performance Standards M. Frédéric Bouvier Airparif
Regulations and Performance Standards Elliot Treharne Air Quality Director, Greater London Authority
Regulations and Performance Standards Kate Webber Department of State
Regulations and Performance Standards Kristen Benedict US EPA
Regulations and Performance Standards Liu Baoxian Beijing EPA
Regulations and Performance Standards Michel Gerboles JRC
Source Characterization Andy Grieshop NC State
Source Characterization Jingkun Jiang Tsinghua University
Source Characterization Subu Subramanian CMU
Youth Education Daniel Madrigal CA Env Health Tracking Program, Teen Air Academy
Youth Education Eric/ Rachel Canteenwala/ Freed EPA Region 9
Youth Education Signe Waldbauer Durham School of the arts